ROSA SANDOVAL (HERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ), beloved wife of Hector Ramon Sandoval of 47 years passed away peacefully with her husband & children by her side.

Rosa was born in August 30, 1937 in Nicaragua Managua to Petrona Martinez and Antonio Hernandez. Step mom Hortensia Flores Quintana and her step aunt Albertina Flores Quintana which she was close to. Rosa Mother passed away when Rosa was very young and she was raised by her Paternal Grandmother. Her siblings Manuel Hernandez, Pablo Isabel Hernandez, Maria Esperanza Flores, Norma Flores, Marcia Flores, Wilfredo and Amparo Gonzales Flores.

Rosa was raised Roman Catholic and in her younger years she was on route to be a nun. She went to Catholic School. She felt God leading her to start a family. She traveled before marriage to New York with her sister Esperanza Flores. There she visited the big Apple as she worked as a Nanny. Rosa worked as a nurse in Nicaragua where she met a handsome Unit clerk/ Orderly Héctor Ramon Sandoval. With stories told that I recall my mother and father telling me, Hector Courted her for weeks and months before asking her on date. He would wait for her to get off and walk her home where he lived on a opposite side of the city. Where they talked and got to know each other. My father described my Mother as a good worker and professional, shy & sweet. A very good catch. He describes her as a down to earth very Young Godly woman who he fell madly in love with. They were Married Civil first in May 27, 1972, later renew marriage in a Catholic Church. Their marriage were face with many ups and downs and true essence of “for better and worse”. They faced an earthquake in 1972, where they we buried and had to get out. Faced civil War in Nicaragua where they left for the sake of their children in the 1980’s. They lived in Miami 1980-1987. Rosa left with her children and Hector Sr. Stayed behind in 1980. It Was a long two years until they met again in 1982. Was hard years apart but the very faithful Rosa with prayer and faith guided and helped Hector come to Miami to reunite with his wife and Children. Rosa was known as a hard worker in and outside of the home. Always working full- time. Arriving in Canada in April 1987. Was a little bit more difficult with the language as expecting. Rosa learned English enough to get by and worked as Janitorial / housekeeping jobs. Mostly contracted work. Worked at the research Center where as I recall was 3-5 years and worked with her husband there. Had a period that their son and daughter worked along side with their parents. Their children remember close bond working along side with their parents and learning great work ethic and being a hard worker. Rosa was known as a open home always having delicious dishes from home ready on stove, coffee ready. Great Host and kind soul. Rosa Enjoyed gardening her flowers and her vegetable garden, cooking. She adored and loved her two children and her grandchildren. Children she said are gifts from God. Jesus said love the children always and Rosa followed that with living example of this. Where there were children there was a smile on her face and Joy.  Rosa was known as the strong spiritual leader of the family, the peace maker, the one that glued strong the family with bearing the fruits. Never quick to Anger, Always quick to forgive, never holding resentments and loving thy neighbours. Her act of kindness were seen and many will love and remember that from her.

Rosa loved animals. In her childhood her one moment of broken heart was her little bird she loved passed away. Growing up her children asked why if she loved birds why not have one. Rosa being very affectionate said you can’t really snuggle with a bird in your arms.  Perhaps this is why she loved and adored Cats. Cats held always a soft spot for Rosa. Always carrying for them. Helping a stray or two and giving them a forever home. Rosa loved her children and was a big part of her Grandchildren lives. Helping look after. This brought years of Joy for Rosa being the natural nurture. Calm and loving. She enjoyed the outdoors and bbq with her husband and Children, grandchildren and friends. Rosa was very close to her Husband always each other’s best friends.

Rosa battled a life changing illness and fought Cancer. This was her biggest challenge and she found her family being the ones being strong for her in her weakest, saddest time of her life.  When they said things weren’t looking great with and without surgery she battled it through. Her children say in her last 8-9 months a fire of love rekindled between Héctor and Rosa. Going through many hardships and Moving in a assisted living facility in early April must had been scary. With her Husband she was not. Rosa will be remembered as a loving faithful wife and mother & Grandmother. Mom was also a good friend. Who showed kindness and love to many.  She will be dearly missed by her family and friends .

Rosa is survived by her loving Husband of 47 years Héctor Ramon Sandoval-Berroteran, her Children Janixia Esperanza Sandoval, Hector Antonio Sandoval (Monica Sandoval-Harty), her Grandchildren Daniel Antonio-Richard Harpell-Sandoval ( Jayda Ringland) , Veronica Rosa Josephina Sandoval , Nataly Jacinta-Ria Sandoval, Sophia Reimer, Liam Reimer and Kylie May Smith.

Special Thanks for the compassionate care to Doctor Aaron Coma and Family Medical. For the fabulous Staff that cared with compassion and care, The Good Samaritan Society (Park meadows Village)

A Prayer Service will be held at SALMON AND SONS FUNERAL HOME 433 Stubb Ross Road South Lethbridge (entrance to the airport), on Friday December 27, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. with Maureen Condon Horon officiating.

A Funeral Mass will be held at ST. BASIL’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, 604 13 Street North, Lethbridge, on Saturday December 28, 2019 at 10:00 A.M., with Father Kevin Tumback officiating. The interment will follow at Mountview Cemetery, Lethbridge.