Nestor Roque, devoted husband and father, died on December 1, 2019 at the
age of 72. His loving wife of 36 years held his hand as he took his last

Nestor is survived by his wife, Rebecca Roque (née Lobo), and son Jonathan
Roque; his siblings, Melham (Zenaida) Roque, Nolenia Roque, Eldon (Elaine)
Roque, Joel Roque, Misael (Evelyn) Roque, Rebecca (John) Lacanilao, Emelin
(Richard) Lavoie, and numerous nieces and nephews. Two days prior to
Nestor’s passing, he was preceded in death by his sister-in-law, Lilia
Roque, wife of Joel Roque. He was also preceded in death by his eldest
brother, Honorato Roque, mother Olimpia Roque, and father Aureliano Roque.

Nestor was born in Natividad, Guagua, Pampanga Philippines. Upon graduating
from high school, Nestor became an avid entrepreneur in Angeles City where
he met his future wife Rebecca. Nestor established numerous successful
businesses in the Philippines, including a hand-carved furniture store,
janitorial contracting company, piano repair shop, and auto-repair shop. On
May 19th 1986 Nestor and his wife welcomed a son, Jonathan, who was
Nestor’s pride and joy until death.

Nestor and his family survived one of the most catastrophic volcanic
eruptions of the 20th century which devastated the local businesses of
Angeles City, and prompted Nestor to move his family to begin a new life in
Canada. He considered his family to be his utmost priority; in order to
provide for his wife and young son in a new country, Nestor worked numerous
jobs—primarily as a taxi driver, a house flipper, and as a support worker
at Edenbridge Family Services for nearly 23 years.

Beneath Nestor’s calm and stoic disposition was a deeply passionate,
sensitive, self-sacrificing, and spiritual individual. He spent much of his
free time listening to music, singing hymns, and watching hockey. Nestor
was also known as a skilled cook, and often showed his love to family and
friends through his cooking. He gave generously to charities and to loved
ones in the Philippines who were in need of financial support. Nestor will
be remembered for his warm, welcoming, patient, and generous nature.
Beloved husband, father, brother, and friend, you will be missed

A funeral service is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Saturday December 7 at the
Lethbridge Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 2606 16th Avenue South. Pastor
James Wesley will officiate. A reception will be held at the church
proceeding the burial at Royal View Cemetery, 5920 13th Street North.